Craig A. Dunlop DDS -  Practice limited to Endodontics


Q. Why do I need a root canal?

A. Endodontic treatment is necessary when the pulp becomes inflamed or infected. To resolve symptoms of pain and/or infection, the root canal will need to be performed and the tooth will subsequently need to be restored with a crown.

Q. Why not have the tooth extracted?

A. With today’s dental technology, an endodontically treated tooth has a very high success rate and an excellent long-term prognosis. If a tooth is extracted, the bite becomes unstable. To correct this, an extracted tooth should be replaced with an artificial tooth (bridge, implant, partial denture).

Q. How much will the procedure cost?

A. The fee varies depending on which tooth is affected and the severity of the problem. Most dental insurance policies provide coverage for root canal therapy. Generally speaking, root canal and restoration of the tooth is less expensive than the alternative of extracting and replacing the tooth.
Our office accepts most insurance plans, however, we are not signed up as a participating provider. If all necessary information is provided, our office handles insurance billing as a courtesy to our patients.

Q. Why can’t my regular dentist do the root canal?

A. Though all dentists are trained to do root canals, some teeth require specialized care. Endondontists have extended education and training in the diagnosis and treatment of the dental pulp, surrounding tissues, and certain types of facial pain.