Craig A. Dunlop DDS -  Practice limited to Endodontics

Post-Sedation Instructions

Following sedation, 24 hours may be required for the full effects of the drugs to wear off. During this period, it is essential that you follow these instructions.

Discharge from Office

  • Under no conditions can the patient drive himself/herself home. The patient must be discharged unto the care of a responsible adult.
  • Please escort the patient by supporting them when walking. Do NOT let the patient go up or down stairs unescorted.
  • The patient may sleep, but must be watched for at least 6 hrs after sedation.
  • Being cold is normal. Use blankets as needed.

Food and Beverages

  • Clear liquids and a light diet are advised for the first few hours after sedation. After that, the patient may return to normal diet as tolerated.
  • Do NOT drink alcohol in any form for at least 24 hrs after sedation.


  • Resume normal medications as directed by physician after the treatment.
  • Any post-op prescriptions by Dr. Dunlap should be taken as directed.

Activity Restrictions

  • Do not operate any motorized vehicles, power tools, or machinery for 24 hrs after sedation….longer if drowsiness or dizziness persists.
  • Do not operate an aircraft for at least 48 hrs following sedation.
  • Do not sign or enter into any legal contract for at least 24 hrs after sedation.