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Types of Sedation

For your comfort, we offer 3 different levels of sedation.  If you are interested in any of these types of sedation, please let the office know at time of scheduling.  For oral or IV sedation, a consultation is required before scheduling for treatment.

Nitrous Oxide is commonly referred to as “laughing gas” and is administered through a nasal mask that you breathe through your nose.  Since it is a gas, there are no effects after the gas is stopped at the end of the procedure.  You will be able to function normally without side effects at the end of the appointment, and will be able to drive yourself home.


Oral Sedation is when you are given a sedative pill to take two hours before the dental procedure. Because of the sedative effects, you require a driver to and from the appointment. Oral sedation works well for those who have a mild to moderate level of anxiety at dental treatment.  One problem with oral sedation is the unpredictability…no one can predict how well the drug will be absorbed from the stomach, and the dosage cannot be titrated on an individual basis.


IV Sedation is when sedative-hypnotic and/or opioid drugs are administered into the blood stream.  The onset of sedation is quick and the amount of drug can be tailored to meet individual needs.  However, the sedative effects can last for several hours afterwards.  For this reason, you are required to have an escort to and from the dental appointment, and some home care afterward.  IV sedation works well for patients with a moderate level of anxiety.